Misty Mountains - blessed to live here.

Come experience the bliss... Welcome to our little piece of heaven!

Not for today
the brood of a distant moon

  the sun is here
and with it, everything shone

A soft white warmth

sweeps all, inside out

and oozes

gaiety in honeysuckle spurts

Time saunters

stretching each moment 

on supple shafts
hither to the smiling sun

Rainbow-dots lash 

a gaze
chasing butterfly wings

aloft a drunken breeze

Not for today 

the brood of a distant moon

not for today
the brood of a distant moon
the sun is here
and with it, everything shone.

Misty Mountains and Us

I remember writing these lines sitting on a rock in the sun as work had just started. The lines have stayed with me all these years, and we get to live them every now and then at the soul sanctuary we ended up creating here - The Misty Mountains. The Misty Mountains is Destiny’s child. We chanced upon the location after actively looking for a project site for 3 years. There was no road, no electricity, no water when we first saw it. But then, there was a little piece of heaven, a little piece of a childhood fantasy, unparalleled solitude, nature’s bounty, and so much space! I still remember the first time we walked to the orchard where Misty now stands – we missed a live deer kill by a leopard by a matter of seconds! It was such a thrill. Since then, it has almost been a decade of small victories and many struggles. We have built everything from scratch and it will take a lifetime or more of efforts to build upon that dream. It is a journey we thoroughly enjoy though! My wife Ambika, and I, have now made this our home, and we run it like an extended homestay. The setup is informal, and the food simple and delicious. Everything is the way we would like it to be if we were on a holiday. Ambika is the soul of The Misty Mountains. She is a gracious host, a loving gardener, and a fantastic cook (all of the food at misty is from her recipes and you would love the jams and pickles she personally makes for our guests). She loves animals and is a treasure trove of information about all and sundry. From the sublime to the silly. She likes learning new facts, enjoys meeting interesting people, and loves pampering her dog (Rags). I, on the other hand, am content with having an encyclopedia for a wife. I am a dreamer on 4 days of the week and a doer on the remaining 3. I like having people around, playing good cop/bad cop with my team, and being here. The two of us, along with guest appearances from our family, an able and ever smiling team, our brat of a daughter, and an over friendly dog, love to share this place with people who appreciate offbeat holidaying. Do spend sometime exploring our website and if you like it, come by and spend a few days at Misty Mountains, Jhaltola. Walk around, relax in the sweet mountain sunshine, gaze at the mighty Himalayas, or just savour the peace. You are very welcome to come and share our little soul sanctuary.

Misty Mountains family

It is interesting how Misty Mountains attracts an eclectic bunch of people. Each of us here have a deep connection with nature, offbeat travel and this place - Jhaltola. Recently, our decade old friendship with Banjara camps founders - Rajesh Ojha and Capt. Sud, has evolved into a coming together of Banjara camps and Misty Mountains. Banjara is a pioneer in Offbeat tourism in India, and has been a source of inspiration and support from the early days of Misty Mountains. We are now looking forward to working together, and offering a richer, more nuanced, offbeat travel experience to our guests.


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